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March 26, 2006


Lauren Delp

Try this: There are 6 Hats on your team but you only have one office, one desk, one chair, etc. Only one Hat can sit there and do their work Right Now. If your Hat of Administration is sitting there playing Solitaire, there are 5 Hats standing around who can scream bloody murder.


Kaca Polackova

Hmmm. Have you lost a head? We keep talking about six hats, but if Hat of Management is not the same as Hat of Administration, Lauren, I hate to tell you but we're talking about seven hats and not six (alphabetically):
Hat of Administration
Hat of Evolution
Hat of Management
Hat of Marketing
Hat of Money
Hat of Production
Hat of Sales

I got six from your "Team Context" document...

Lauren D.

Lost a head eh? Thanks, Lady, you're marvelous!

This is very funny! I mindlessly repeated your six, and you know, there was a tiny voice saying "we're missing someone..."

It's no wonder Hat of Sales slipped through the cracks, it's actually not been incorporated into the team's context yet. There is no functional description, no boundaries, no needs, outcomes or measurements. I haven't adopted the Sales Hat-ness yet.

Stay tuned though, it's going to be lots of fun, thanks to Carol Costello, author of "The Soul of Selling: How to Achieve Extraordinary Results with Remarkable Ease (And Not Lose Your Soul in the Process)."

I devoured the first 3 chapters before lending the book out, and already I'm having a lot more fun in how I present myself, quote my prices, etc. And seeing better results, too, by the way!

I guess we can welcome this new Hat without the pomp and ceremony... So now we are seven.

Can I say it?? The magnificent seven?

Giggle ... Lost a head indeed...

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