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March 04, 2006


Kaca Polackova

Question: Is the Hat of Management the same as the Hat of Administration?

Kaca Polackova

Looking at your Hat Team chart, I am thinking:

It is impressive if not downright scary to grok the image of a one-person business with six "employees", but you are dead on, each of these roles, with its own skills, is essential for success.

You have come up with the six "personalities" and their needs (tasks?) and outcomes, and they make sense, as far as they go. Given the ongoing necessity of running the business, I take it that the Administrator Hat hasn't found time or energy to resolving the frenetics of which Hat works when and which and whose task is a prerequisite for which and whose task. Ideal, of course, would be to have partners, employees or contractors to wear one or more of the Hats. But if that is not an option...

So I am wondering, how would I do it. The simplest, of course, would be to spend six days a week working (because I'd need a day off), and allocate one day a week to each Hat. But that is much too simplistic, because each of them is not equally weighted in urgency or importance to the tasks at hand, or in how much activity required to do its job.

Okay, so it is much more complicated. One process that comes naturally to me is swiss-cheesing. Not quite multi-tasking, rather finding the holes in a main activity to carry out another.

The question is just when I would see my way clear to worry this (the above-mentioned frenetics) clear. It will take some serious thought, and some time in between thinking to let my mind tease out solutions. Perhaps consider designating the rest of my time, my non-business time, as a Hat of Life, to cover regular living tasks, eating, dressing, walking, socializing. Then maybe I would select some regular life activities (not just regular as in ordinary, but regular as in repeated, necessary, if not quite scheduled) which leave my mind free to wander. I would create a strong association between the activity/ies and the task of Administrativbe thought and planning. With a pad and pencil in my hip pocket, and some idea of process preconsidered, I would use those times for that administrative task which underlies all the rest.

I say that's what I might do. Hmmm. That's what I might decide to do, maybe. Would I actually find in myself the discipline, the gumption and consistency to follow it through? I don't know.

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