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March 03, 2006


Kaca Polackova

Just wondering... some of those tasks (and outcomes and measures) seem interconnected between hats, in fact, some have prerequisites that other hats must complete. Does that need to be taken into cosideration to make it all work?

Lauren D.

Yep, you got it. The tasks always *were* interconnected. That was the problem.

I was looking for a way to build prioritized time-sequenced task lists out of a jumble of spaghetti.

In order to do that, we needed a way to view the interdependencies in both the needs and outcomes columns.

The most accurate way I could come up with was a technique that in software design we used to call Functional Areas Definition. Here I called them Hats.

I think what makes it look terribly complicated is that the Hat of Manager hasn't yet gone through and processed the lists and assigned tasks and deadlines.

Hope this helps.

P.S. You get a Star for Commenting!!

Kaca Polackova

Sorry for the delay in commenting, it's been kinda busy here.

For what it's worth, off the top of my head, my own measure of success for Hat of Finance would be threefold:
1. My degree of trepidation when approaching work with numbers with dollar signs (subjective measure... measures success in comfort level with financial matters).
2. Simply, income and cash flow (objective, $$$ figures)
3. The ability to determine financial data on the fly (measurable by yes or no).

My measures for success for Hat of Marketing (all objective, numerical) would be:
1. Number of inquiry calls
2. Number (and worth) of contracts
3. Number of return clients

My measures for success for Hat of Administration would be:
1. Subjective: All of the above, along with the measures for success of other hats, and my own sense of peace and satisfaction.
2. Objective: Whether I am planning and how plans are being met (yes or no) -- or would that go under the Hat of Management?

Lauren D.

Thanks, Kaca! I'm starting to see it leading to a spreadsheet that captures the needs and outcomes, and can then derive some of the metrics. Then I can assign timeline values and actually sort into a time-sequenced list. I think. Sigh. Oh, and thanks bunches for adding the subjective/objective dimensions to the metrics!

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